Digital Marketing and its Importance.

What is Digital Marketing?

One of the most frequently asked questions on Google is what digital marketing is? If you also want to get information about digital marketing and its importance, you have landed hud on the right post.

What is the meaning of digital marketing?

Have you ever wondered what digital marketing is and why it is so famous in today’s era? Digital marketing is formed by two words digital and marketing; its meaning is hidden within its name. Marketing, where the online portal is used to sell or promote the product and service, is called digital marketing. Social media and the internet are the most significant contributors to digital marketing.

In the last two decades, the entire circulation of the market has changed, and people have shifted to online shopping. Internet is the most digitalized market, so people are more eager to enjoy online service through the internet. Every person wants to get rid of the hustling atmosphere of the physical market. In such a situation, digital marketing has become the first choice of people. The digital way of marketing is not limited to the metropolitan city, but it has extended to the remote most area of ​​a country.

Digital marketing is considered a boon for any business or organization; digital marketing has changed the conventional definition of doing business. According to a survey, 62% prefer to use the service and product through an online medium. In digital marketing, you can do various types of transactions along with online shopping, ticket booking, bill payment. Digital marketing is an excellent opportunity to make a business successful and reachable.

Digital marketing was unsuccessfully tried to be implemented in the 80s; digital marketing was unsuccessful due to the sting of circumstances. When the world started to become a global village in the 90s, digital marketing was launched, but digital marketing entered the mainstream after social media advent. Today, from small entrepreneurs to prominent industrialists, they make their business successful by resorting to digital marketing.

Importance of digital marketing

What is the importance of digital marketing? You can understand the importance of digital marketing because today, 3.9 billion people are using social media. This figure is almost equal to Half of the Population, so people resort to digital marketing to expand their business.

The importance of digital marketing also increases because the whole world is rushing towards digitalization and globalization. People’s trend in the physical market is decreasing, and people are turning to the online market to enjoy unlimited service. Internet and social media have brought people very close, and digital marketing has made their success thread.

With Facebook and Google eliminating more than half of newspaper advertisements, digital marketing can prove to be a boon to put your business on the new pinnacle of success. Digital marketing has many benefits, such as:

  • Digital Marketing saves your precious time.
  • It is much cheaper than physical releases.
  • Its effectiveness is many times more than offline marketing.
  • Decrease the distance between customer and market.
  • Its reach ranges from the global level to remote most areas.

When you do marketing of your product offline, it takes both your money and time as well, and it does not even reach people. At the same time, if you go with digital marketing, you have better chances to get the broader audience or customer. Its effectiveness can be seen from the fact that the business has grown manifold since digital marketing.

Way of doing digital marketing?

Now the question arises that how to do digital marketing to get maximum profit out of it. It is foolish to imagine digital marketing without the internet; hence it is also called ‘internet marketing.’ That is why you should understand that the internet is compulsory for digital marketing. It increases the capacity of your business online, which is why it is sometimes called online marketing.

There is no one specific way to do digital marketing; a variety of methods can do it. Here we are telling you about some successful ways to do digital marketing-

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the method of ranking any e-commerce website on the first and second page of Google. Its only purpose is to earn profit by gaining traffic because of its customer’s chances of business success. When your service reaches more people, then both your sales and profits will be more.

2. Social media optimization (SMO)

When you use the social media platform to spread your product and service to a broader audience, it is called SMO. People’s social media activity is increasing day by day, so proper utilization of social media can take your business to a new level. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are used for business promotion and marketing. Small entrepreneurs can use this way to grow their business.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way where you can promote and sell your product on a blog or website. In affiliate marketing, you receive a fixed commission for every product sold. YouTube and blogging channels are considered best for doing affiliate marketing. The big giant’s e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart target more audience by affiliate marketing.

4. Video marketing

“Visual depicts better story” YouTube can be your biggest ally in making this mantra meaningful. When you tell the specification of your product and service through video, the public trusts more and hence your reliability and credibility increase. Video Marketing can be done either by direct video or YouTube ad by Google AdSense.

5. Google Adsense

Google Adsense helps promote a product or service in which online ads are shown on the blog or YouTube. Promotions displayed by Google on the blogging channel are under Google Adsense. It is many times cheaper than conventional marketing, and it also has more reach.


Digital marketing is the fanciest word in today’s time. From small businesses to prominent entrepreneurs, everyone is using this way to succeed. If you too want to get some extra profit at no cost, go with digital marketing.

I hope you understand digital marketing. If you find it helpful and informative, don’t be so cheap to share it with your friends and family.


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