How to Install Windows 10

On Windows 10, a clean installation best process by which you erase the disk drive to start out from scratch with fresh setup when your computer has problems. For example, using this method can help resolve performance, memory, startup, shutdown, and app issues. In addition, it can even help to enhance battery life on laptops and tablets, and it is a practical approach to eliminate viruses and other malware.

Here is the video as well as the screenshots for all the steps taken while windows installation.

Now plug in the USB device with bootable windows 10 copy. Restart your computer, while restarting just after your pc brand’s logo keep tapping the F10 key* to change the boot order of the computer. Then select USB as a source for boot.

*Key may be different for different brand.

Installing Windows 10

After rebooting you should see the Language select screen. From here, simply select your desired language, time and currency format, and keyboard input. Then press Next to continue.

01 Language Setup Windows 10 Clean Install

On the next screen simply press the “Install now” button.

02 Install Now Windows 10 Clean Install

You’ll need to agree to the Microsoft EULA before you can continue. Read it (…or not) and tick the checkbox before pressing “Next”.

03 EULA Windows 10 Clean Install

To perform a clean install, you’ll need to select the “Custom: Install Windows only” option. As the installer says — you should have a backup of your files and programs in order to copy them to the new installation after it’s complete.

04 Cutom Windows 10 Clean Install

This next part may be a bit tricky if you have multiple hard drives or partitions. You’ll need to delete the primary partition and the system partition. To ensure a 100% clean install it’s better to fully delete these instead of just formatting them.

05 Delete Existing Primary Partition Windows 10 Clean Install

After deleting both partitions you should be left with some unallocated space. Select it and click the “New” button to create a new partition.

07 Create New Partition from Unallocated Space 5 Windows 10 Clean Install

By default, Windows inputs the maximum available space for the partition. I’d advise you to leave the size as-is and press “Apply“.Note: You will most likely be informed that Windows may create additional system partitions. This is normal and necessary for most windows installs, so simply press “OK”.

08 Use Maximum Available Space Windows 10 Clean Install

After creating the new partition(s), select the primary one and press “Next”.

09 Select Primary Partition

The Windows setup should now begin. Clean installs are usually significantly faster than upgrades so you should get from this…

10 Installing Windows Windows 10 Clean Install

… to this in a matter of minutes.

11 Finishing Up Windows 10 Clean Install

After “Finishing up”, you will be notified that Windows will now restart.Warning: If the “Press any key to boot from USB/DVD…” screen appears while restarting DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY! Pressing one will result in starting the install all over again.

12 Restaring Windows 10 Clean Install

Configuring Windows

After the reboot, you should be greeted by the following screen. The default Windows 10 settings are perfectly fine and don’t really mess with your privacy, so we advise you to Use Express settings. Optionally, you can also Customize the settings if you insist on turning some features off.

13 Using Express Settings Windows 10 Clean Install

Windows will now go through a few setup procedures.Note: Frequent reboots at this stage are normal, simply leave the computer be until you reach the “Create an account” screen.

14 Setting Up Windows 10 Clean Install

Once you reach this screen simply fill in your new account details and press Next.

15 New Account Screen Windows 10 Clean Install

Windows will now go through the final steps of setting up…

17 Setting Up New Apps Windows 10 Clean Install

…and will boot straight to the Desktop afterward. Congrats!

18 Completed Full Clean Install

Windows Installation Done Successfully.

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